Starbucks Series: Toasted Graham Latte

This lovely, new Fall drink…

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I found it absolutely hilarious how Starbucks R&D wanted this drink to taste like cereal milk and how people find that comforting. I never liked drinking the sugar-laden milk and always threw it away after eating the lovely, slightly soggy flakes. But, since I did not do my research before entering Starbucks, I ordered the latte without knowing anything about it (hey – the label said “new” and I’m a sucker for limited-time things).


And they spell my name wrong, as usual.


In my humble opinion, it tastes like s’mores. Now, I have yet to try the S’mores Frappuccino (which is absolutely delicious, according to friends), but it tastes slightly marshmallow-y,  graham cracker-y, s’mores.  It could be the soy milk talking but it tasted strongly of soy, too. I guess that’s a testament to the very mild flavor of the drink (mild flavor could not hold up to the strong soy milk).

I’ve read that it’s a mix between the taste of toasted graham crackers and sweet cream. I can certainly taste the sweet cream, though not necessarily in a good way. It makes it easy to tell that they used sweet syrup – the syrup doesn’t feel like it quite dissolved into the drink too well. There’s a dusting of “cinnamon graham crackers” on top, but they’re barely noticeable, until you get to the bottom of the drink, which is where the soggy crackers sink to.

It was a combination of milky and soggy. Which is what they were going for, but still.

But, actually, it does invoke a sort of fall feeling. It’s a latte, so it is naturally served warm. The creamy texture and slightly toasted taste fits the weather changes. It’s the type of drink you’d have on you when you are out on a slightly chilly day with the leaves falling around you.

However, I don’t recommend the Toasted Graham Latte. It’s got a mildly sweet flavor, with slight toast-y notes to it. There are those who would enjoy this taste (my roommate is a testament to this), but it’s really just…normal. Starbucks with or without it, I really wouldn’t notice if it was gone and I wouldn’t miss it.

And now the stomachache is settling in. I got a venti. No judging.


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