Limited Edition Series: Burger King Halloween Whopper

Today (10/4), I got to try the infamous Halloween Whopper from Burger King! I saw the advertisement on television a couple of days ago and was intrigued by the unusual color. I am no stranger to the oddly colored buns, since I have had both Red Samurai Burgers in Japan (which include red cheese!) – those, by the way, were spicy. Since I can’t remember the taste, however, I cannot do a review on them. But I’ll leave picture for reference.

Aka Samurai Beef Burger from BK Japan (in Akasaka)

Aka Samurai Beef Burger from BK Japan (in Akasaka)

It looks pretty good and neat for a fast food burger, right? It was rather flat to look at, though.

Now, onto the U.S. Halloween black-colored burger.


Such nice wrapping

This beautiful monstrosity.Big


Big burger. In all its black-bun glory.

When I looked at the burger, I was very happy with how dark the bun was. Honestly, though, I was just super happy that America was finally getting weird food (I love trying limited edition things). To the point that I did not even know what I was expecting.

On their website, Burger King states that the color of the bun is derived from the steak sauce they use in the burger. I don’t think A1 is quite that dark, but I’ll give them credit for trying to come up with a good reason, since people are adverse to trying artificial colors like that. Compared to my experience with the Aka Samurai, this burger was quite a bit bigger. The cheese was yellow, the lettuce was not fresh and was in relatively tiny pieces….

I think it was the size of the burger that really surprised me the most. But that’s just because I haven’t eaten at BK in a long time.

My first bite was unexpected. I knew there was steak sauce in it, but I did not expect the flavor to be so strong. But my taste buds gradually got used to it with every bite, and the sweet flavor mellowed out. Which was actually for the worse, since then, the burger became full of onion taste, acidic pickles, and….cardboardish buns. I actually tried the bun by itself, and it did not taste anything like steak sauce. Deducting from this taste test, I figure that BK probably just food-colored their buns after all. And it wasn’t a fluffy bun either. The steak sauce taste comes from the actually steak sauce slathered under the beef patty (there was also the normal mayo and ketchup in the Whopper, too).


Inside the burger.

Honestly, overall, it just tasted like a regular Whopper. Like any fast food chain’s hamburger. And the aftertaste was not all that pleasant, either. It left me with a sour taste in my mouth: a mix of the sauce, onions, and pickles.

For adventure seekers, sure, try this Halloween Burger, but don’t expect it to be worth the extra dollar they charge compared to a regular Whopper. It’s basically the same burger, but with steak sauce and a black bun. The Halloween Whopper is really just good for taking pictures of and for completing bucket lists.

And I think my stomach is a lot weaker than it used to be. Also, I advise thosr that eat it to watch their teeth afterwards – don’t want black bread pieces stuck between your teeth.


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