Starbucks Series: Caramelized Honey Latte & Frappuccino

In excitement of this new drink, I thought to paint my nails similarly to the advertisement I saw on Starbucks’ Frappuccino page.


I added the wings to make them seem more bee-like.


I ordered the latte at a Starbucks located inside a Target, but the service I got was incredibly poor. The initial latte I received tasted like regular coffee with milk in it. Absolutely nothing caramel-y or honey-like about it. I had complained and received another one with an extra shot of caramel put in by the cashier, who insisted I “look deeper” next time and was obviously annoyed by me.


The second latte I received was much deeper in taste. The caramel was strong, making the latte pretty sweet. The honey was more of an aftertaste (though when I put in an extra honey packet, it came out much better), and honestly, barely there. The caramel took center stage to the point that I thought I was drinking a Caramel Latte…

  • not too sweet
  • more caramel taste
  • the thickness of the drink clings to the tongue
  • reminded me of cereal milk frappuccino
  • bottom: honey + salted caramel taste

It also did NOT come with the Honey-sugar Crumble.



The frappuccino had a butterscotch taste and was slightly less sweet than the titular Butterscotch Frappuccino. The caramel taste was super strong, but the very bottom, probably where the honey all sunk to, tasted strongly of the sugary, thick syrup. There is a slight bitterness – probably from the coffee, and the big sugar crystals on top were a welcome addition. I thought of this frap as a rich dessert treat more than a drink.

Iced Latte


The iced latte had more of a coffee bean taste with a subtle sweetness. Slight caramel notes, and, again, the honey sticks to the bottom of the drink. Out of the three I tried, I loved this version the best! I really like coffee taste and the bitterness of the drink balanced out the caramel well. Since the honey sunk to the bottom, the last sips of the drink taste salty sweet and are more flavorful.

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