Starbucks Series: S’mores Frappuccino & Birthday Cake Frappuccino

I obviously meant to review this much, much sooner (when the Birthday Cake Frappuccino was still out), but final were starting…

But I digress.

The S’mores Frappuccino is still out for the summer season, while the Birthday Cake Frappuccino was out for a very limited time from 4/28 – 5/2.

Reviews are as follows.

S’mores Frappuccino

“Marshmallow-infused whipped cream, chocolate sauce and vanilla flavor, topped with whipped cream & a graham cracker crumble.” – via Starbucks Frappuccino FB


Just going by looks, the S’mores Frappuccino is beautiful! It has three layers – coffee, cream, chocolate….I would buy it just for the looks because the taste was mediocre.

This Frappuccino definitely has that marshmallow taste! Probably because of the marshmallow cream. I don’t think it works well, though. Because of the thickness of the cream, it’s a bit hard to drink! Marshmallows are also cloyingly sweet. Everything just sticks to your throat – including the thick chocolate syrup (which I could do more of, by the way). Graham crackers were included ON TOP of the drink, but I would’ve loved if the drink had still-crunchy graham crackers within. The textural element would have been welcome. Honestly, it was not a good replacement for an actual s’mores and was overwhelmingly marshmallow. I tried to mix in the cream into the drink but it just would not mix in!  Unpleasant feeling and overly sweet.

Birthday Cake Frappuccino

“Vanilla bean Frappuccino with hazelnut syrup and pink whipped cream” – via Starbucks Frappuccino FB


I really thought this Frappuccino would be amazing. I love pinks, but it’s really hard to tell the difference between the whipped cream and the drink itself. The pink is super pale and the drink is white with little specks of black – like vanilla bean. Theres really not much to the look of the drink – no contrast, besides that it looks like a unicorn.

The pink whipped cream is raspberry flavored, but very, very slightly raspberry-like. It only hits you at the very beginning. The hazelnut syrup is extremely prominent. If you’ve ever tried hazelnut Coffee Mate syrup – it’s like a strong dose of that. It is just overpowering everything. Vanilla, of course, would be overpowered by everything, but I just could not stand this drink. If you keep drinking it, it does indeed taste like cake, though – extremely watery cake. I just….cannot with this drink. It was the absolute worst drink I’ve ever had from Starbucks. Unless you have an extreme sweet tooth, I do not recommend this drink. At all.


Colors are more easily seen in the sunlight

A friend tried this drink with coffee shots, which might make it more on the bitter side, so if this ever comes back – do try it with extras, because otherwise… just tastes like too-strong hazelnut. I had to choke down this drink.


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