Sakura Pepsi [Review]

I received a Sakura Pepsi from my friend, Erika, who’s in Japan about one or two months ago and never opened it, fearing for the amount of calories in that thing (honestly about 250kcal, but still!), but I finally got around to drinking it. Luckily, it expires in July.


Isn’t my friend such a sweetie?

As I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, I LOVE products that are only sold for a limited time period!

As soon as I opened the bottle, a sweet, cherry cola candy smell emanated from the bottle. The flavor is honestly as sweet as the smell. I can definitely taste the sakura – if you’ve ever had pickled cherry blossoms, it tastes like a sweeter version of that. It’s kind of a bend of cherry, vanilla, and licorice notes. It’s slightly watery and not very carbonated, which is a nice touch. The sweetness takes it to a dessert level. Slight, slight pickled salt taste. Biting taste.


The taste actually take a few minutes to settle in. At first, you get a bit of the sweetness, but as it settles on your tongue, you start to taste the cherry and the licorice, but it eventually waters down. It doesn’t leave much of an aftertaste, which is a nice touch. The carbonation level is extremely low – it only tingles on your tongue a bit.

The product itself is vivid and beautiful. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever seen a pink drink sold NOT in a theme cafe. To some, the color would definitely be off-putting, considering just how neon it can look (in the dark; in light, it looks like a very pale, watered down pink). The label is very distinct – a black with pink cherry blossoms decorating it, and brush stroke font spelling “Sakura.” I wouldn’t say it was exactly the best font to use, but it certainly makes an impression.

DSC_0001 - sakura pepsi.JPG

Overall Impression: Surprisingly good. Would I drink it again, maybe not – but it was certainly a novelty item, and a pretty good one at that.


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