Starbucks Series ~Golden Maple Frappuccino with Candied Walnuts~ & ~Golden Maple Latte~ [Japan Only]

As an avid fan of Starbucks’ rotating lineup, imagine my enthusiasm when I saw my Starbucks’ news  about their new drinks.

Image result for starbucks golden maple

The Golden Maple Frappuccino with Candied Walnuts is as special as it is a mouthful to say. It + the choux stick I will introduce later, were created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Starbucks in Japan.

Golden Maple Frappuccino with Candied Walnuts: maple syrup honey, butter, walnut paste

I am the kind of buyer who can’t help but buy something – especially if I see the words limited-time only. Even if I don’t like the flavor, I will still buy it.

In this particular case, I am not a fan of maple syrup. Or, I should correct myself to say, I don’t like strong tastes of maple syrup.

But this drink was absolutely perfect.


My initial thought as I sipped (more like inhaled) my frappuccino as, “why does this taste so weird?” The maple was the first flavor I encountered. I wasn’t happy. But I kept drinking it and suddenly the most perfect crunch of walnuts entered my straw and into my mouth. Oh my goodness. This drink needed those nuts. The combination of texture and the nutty flavor along with the honey-maple syrup…ugh, just genius. It was like drinking a pecan pie. But without molasses. And with walnuts instead of pecans. So like. Walnut pie. It was actually the first time I actually thought of Starbucks’ frappuccinos as a dessert – so be warned that it is quite a sweet drink. Not sweet enough to be past my tolerance levels, but sweet enough to know that it isn’t one bit healthy for you.


In addition to the drink itself, a special Choux Stick (+80 yen) was also on sale to be paired with the Maple-Walnut Frappuccino. Of course I had to buy it – it’s limited edition!

The stick was. Disappointing. 39kcal of lightly puffed dough with a chalky texture and a slightly burnt taste. It promised of cocoa nibs, but it had absolutely no chocolate taste at all. Even dipped into the drink, it was still not good.

I would definitely forgo the choux stick and just get the frappuccino. And boy, would I buy this frappuccino again. My new #1 favorite Starbucks drink ever.

PS: the creation of the choux stick reminds me of the creation of the cookie straw back in the US…

The second half of the new drink set is the Golden Maple Latte, in both iced and hot versions. As a purist, I decided to go with the hot latte. Luckily, a friend was with me and got the iced one, so I did get to try that as well!


It was…disappointing, to say the least. The hot latte had the briefest hints of maple-honey at the very beginning and very end of the drink. However, it mostly just tasted like cream that had been dissolved in hot coffee. Without the pungent coffee taste. It was very similar to a regular caramel latte or their previous cereal milk-like latte.

The iced version, however, was a completely different story. The coffee taste was fully there, and you could still taste strong notes of the maple. It was the frappuccino with more coffee and no walnuts. Funny how the iced version tastes more like how it should be than the normal, hot version.


Both types. The barista has such nice handwriting!

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