Starbucks Series: Secret Menu ‘Pink Drink’

I’ve been spotting this beautiful pastel pink drink on Instagram the past few days and, being the Starbucks fan I am, I needed to try it! Fearing the wrath of the Starbucks barista, I had never had the courage to order a secret menu item. However, due the high profile of this drink, baristas have gotten used to it making it – it can even be ordered under it’s unofficial name!

The Pink Drink is a Strawberry Acai Refresher made with Coconut Milk instead of Water, This brings up the calorie count, but the exchange is worth the try!

The drink smells like sugar and strawberries. It’s an extremely inviting smell…


And look at that halo

My initial sip garnered a surprised reaction. It was so refreshing! I could see it being order on a hot summer day as a replacement for lemonade. But it is just so candy-like that I can see why people describe it as being like a pink Starburst. It automatically comes with sliced strawberries, but, unfortunately, the strawberries look like dehydrated or defrosted. Bad for photos.

To my surprise, there was no coconut milk taste. This could, of course, be because Starbucks produces it’s own special coconut milk that may or may not be really coconut. The viscosity of the drink is slightly thicker than a normal refresher and, if left to sit, the drink does start to look powdery, with white floating particles dispersed throughout the liquid. If mixed, the taste become mild. Overall, its certainly not quiiiite as sweet as a Frappuccino, and it has a slight strawberry taste and does seem slightly Calpico-like, but a more sweet, strawberry refreshing drink
I don’t know if I would really recommend it when you are dehydrated, but that goes for lemonade, too.

DSC00280 - sony a3000.JPG


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