Nagahama Coffee: A lesson in the Morning Set

So far, I have visited Nagahama Coffee three times – twice in the morning and once in the afternoon. It is one of the more affordable coffee shops around Akita.

My first visit to Nagahama had me buying a Quiche Set (¥777), which comes with a slice of your choice of quiche, a salad, and a set drink. I got the pumpkin and ham quiche with a cafe latte.


At Nagahama, you order at the counter and wait for your food to come out. The quiche was pre-prepared, but warmed up at order. Even though it wasn’t fresh-fresh, it was still a treat. The salad had a nice, tangy dressing on it, too – so everything was enjoyable. But the latte was bitter!



My second visit was in the morning. I had intended to get the morning Hot Sandwich & Mixology Set, but found out that they only served that on weekdays! So, instead, I ordered a what the barista recommended and added on the free morning set.

I drank the coffee black, which was bitter, as usual. Half a buttered piece of toast and a nice, hard-boiled egg was included in the morning set. Satisfactory.

Finally, the third time, I got my Mixology Set. Mixology drinks are healthy smoothies that include different kinds of vegetables and fruits. There are three kinds of mixology drinks: red, green, and yellow. The ingredients differ in each by a bit. I was debating between yellow and green, but they basically have the same ingredients except for which vegetable is included. I like spinach, so I got the green smoothie. It was served in a cup that looked like a bubble tea container. Quite good, but quite small, too. The sandwich that I chose to go with my drink was asparagus and ham. Again, the food is pre-pared and put in the cold case before ordering. After the order is placed, it is put through the panini press, making crunchy, slightly burnt bits which were actually really nice to consume. And, for some reason, tasted of banana chips. But the sandwich was good – just not satisfying. It was way too thin to be filling, sadly.



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