Deux Feuilles: Petit Lunch

As a rabid cafe fan, I had to make a stop at this nearby French bakery/cafe. I initially looked through the breads, but decided to eat at the cafe. Orders are taken on the lower level before you ascend the stairs to the seating area.

I ordered the petit set, baguette sandwich, salad, and coffee, and added on the cake set for an extra charge.

The baguette sandwich was half a batard slathered with mustard and filled (sparingly) with cheese, thin-sliced prosciutto-like ham, and lettuce. The salad that it came with was quite small and was dressed with a slightly sweet, shoyu-based sauce with fancy jellied sauce on top. It was all quite delicious, though. Then the coffee came out. You can add cream and sugar to your content. The last thing that came out was a platter of cakes that I could choose from. The server was kind enough to explain all of the different desserts to me – including jellies and cakes. She explained that their most popular cake as the mille-fueille, but I had already decided on my cake when she said that one of them was black tea. I just love my black tea. And it was the right choice. Strawberry and black tea mousse balanced on a thin, juice-soaked sponge cake. It was delectable. My impression of the cake was so good that I am convinced that all of the cakes at Deux Fueilles must be good.

Edit: I had their take out bread, a croissant, and I have to say I was quite disappointed. I think they used too much eggwash, or too much sugar in general, since it was overall sweet. It did not have the necessary lamination or the rich, buttery texture I expect of croissants.

Pictures below!

_DSC1897 - bAGuette sandwich puchi lunch.JPG

Good ol’ cheese and prosciutto. The salad has a gelatin dressing



Cake and coffee. Anytime, anywhere.


The beauty that is early grey mousse

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