Satisfaction Burger: A Pineapple Affair



My long-awaited first visit to the highly recommended Satisfaction Burger.

My first impression: this shop looks so hard to find. But it is a very nice looking shop, with one table and all counter seats. The owner cooks and assembles the burgers right in front of you with his girlfriend preparing the marinades and serving. A humongous, two-shelf pizza-oven looking contraption sits to the far side of the restaurant. Menus are placed right in front of counter seats, in a plastic holder, ready for diners to take a gander at their selections.

And, of course, what caught my eye was the 「季節限定バーガー」 (seasonal burger). The only gripe I have is that it says in the menu to look at the blackboard at the front of the shop for the seasonal specials, yet it wasn’t written! Luckily, the owner was there to save the day. A pineapple burger was being offered today. Pineapple? Interesting….

Thinking that the pineapple affair would be similar to Hawaiian pizza, I placed my order. Meanwhile, lovely fries came out. Satisfaction fries are more like the shoestring variety in thickness. Dipping the crisp fries in Heinz ketchup and eating the bits of fried goodness was oh-so satisfying. And it helped me take my mind off my burger anticipation.

Each burger is plated with the lettuce, onion, pickle, tomato, and mayonnaise on the side (and the addition of a basil garnish for looks). The meat patty is served on half the bun, glistening with meat juices, with whatever topping you had orders. Since mine was pineapple, there was a grilled pineapple ring on top. I assembled the burger and proceeded to take my usual million-pictures before I bit into the precious thing.

And it was awesome. Well, the pineapple sweetness was a bit too much for me and it did definitely detract from the overall meat experience,, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I ate half of it all together and half of it deconstructed. The meat patty was flavorful – I saw that they mixed soy sauce and a bunch of other sauces together – probably the sauces used to marinate the meat – which is so much better than a lot of burger places do in America.

But, boy, did I enjoy that burger. I haven’t had meat in forever.

Japan. Better burgers than America ya’ll.

Definitely going back sometime to get a cheeseburger. And I want to try the sandwiches.

Pictures below!


The regular-cut fries with Heinz ketchup


Pineapple Burger with all the fixin’s


Assembled burger

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