Aunt Stella: the Watermelon of my Eye

I think I’ve died and gone to cookie hell. Or somewhere between heaven and hell because if I look at another cookie ever again, I feel like I will throw up. Me + buffets = terrifying.

Anyways, on this auspicious day of 6.9.2016, I ate 33 cookies.

The all-you-can-eat deal is worth it at 880, and one set drink comes with the order. You have a choice of hot/iced coffee, black tea, milk, lemonade, or another drink I can’t remember. Since I was having cookies, the obvious choice was to get iced milk!

There are about 23 different kinds of recommended cookies in the cookie case at Topico’s Aunt Stella’s: Chocolate Chip, Sesame (savory), Old Fashioned Sugar, Double Chocolate Nuts, Almond Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch, Cornflake, Yogurt, Black Tea, Caramel Custard, Coffee (Espresso Chip), Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Chocolate Chip, Potato and Basil (savory), Guruguru Mango, Watermelon, Salt Pineapple, Chocolate Banana, Satsuma Imo, Pumpkin Jr, Guruguru Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pudding, and Chestnut Chocolate. I had one of each, and got seconds on the cookies I liked.

The surprising aspect of Aunt Stella cookies is that the fruit based cookies actually taste like fruit. The mango, pineapple, and banana chocolate cookies were so reminiscent of their namesakes that I was weirded out. The mango was overly sweet, and I don’t like things that are flavored like bananas. The watermelon, unfortunately, was only slightly pronounced. Satsuma Imo and Guruguru Pumpkin were both sweet potato based, with the Guruguru Pumpkin being a mix of purple sweet potato and pumpkin. This cookie was too sweet potato-y. Compared to the purely sweet potato Satsuma Imo cookie, it was pure sweet potato taste. And I really dislike sweet potatoes – so they were probably my least favorite cookies at Aunt Stella’s.

Pumpkin Pudding: no pumpkin, tastes like maple syrup

Chocolate Chip: thin, crunchy, classic

Sesame: a surprise, because sesame can be sweet, but this one was not; it was deciding whether to go full out salty or not

Sugar: a thin, sugar cookie – tastes exactly like the American variety

Double Choco: SO GOOD. Especially if you love chocolate.

Almond Choco Chip: Also amongst my favorites, but only slightly different from the regular choco chip

Butterscotch: can’t taste the butterscotch, but a slightly caramelized cookie

Cornflake: like eating a granola bar (has raisins/cranberries in it)

Yogurt: reminded me of lemon. a tart taste

Black Tea: what you would expect

Caramel Custard: very caramel

Coffee (Espresso Chip): coffee flavor tastes like any artificial coffee flavor

Strawberry Milk: really tastes like strawberry milk

Strawberry Chocolate Chip: slightly strawberry chocolate chip cookie

Potato and Basil (savory): probably my favorite – tastes like jagarico or cheese bread, softer crumbly cookie

Chestnut Chocolate: also among my favorites – chestnut emphasizes the chocolate taste

Water at Aunt Stella’s is lemon water, refreshing

All the cookies shaped like a circle and looking like Pepperidge Farm Veronas are soft

Super great deal – just not for the faint of heart. You can definitely eat your money”s worth, but there isn’t anything to break up the mix and there is a short amount of time, so no relaxing!





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