The fashionable 08 Coffee


Found 08 Coffee by wonderful chance while I was browsing Facebook, or Tabelog…one of those sites. After seeing their Instagram, I was hooked. SO, so fashionable and they take awesome pictures. To my surprise, my friend offered to go that day.

20160812_174436 - 08 coffee.jpg

And so, after work, 08 Coffee. And what a wonderful decision that was. Somewhere in the backstreets of a neighborhood, 08 Coffee is located in the second floor of a small building, with only three parking spaces. The inside of the cafe has a simple, homey feeling to it, with carefully thought out placement of shelves, books, and other decorative items. Each table and counter has a menu specific to the month. As this was August, the menu was for August.


08 Coffee offers various blends of black coffee (with a choice of cream and sugar, of course) and regular cafe staples, like lattes. The honey latte caught my eye, but I went with the Seasonal blend instead. Desserts are also on the menu – a choice of three different regular offerings and some limited time only cakes. Unfortunately, the limited time Lemon Tart was already sold out. Instead, ordered the spice and honey pound cake.


The cake and coffee came out shortly after we ordered, and the portions are quite small. Definitely an investment to go to 08 Coffee, as they are on the expensive side for the amount you get. The cake was a single slice of pound cake sliced in half and placed prettily on the plate. But. so. yummy. The spices were perfect! If you like cinnamon, cardamom, and chai-type spices, this cake is for you. The coffee had a perfect bitterness about it – I could tell I was drinking a good brew.

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