Nagahama Coffee Akita Station

It was destiny for me to have this cake.

Why? Because after 5PM, Nagahama Coffee at the station has a cake set discount!


Akita Station’s Nagahama is fancier than the branch by city hall. They have an actual menu, and serve you in your seat. Alcohol is offered, and they have Happy Hours after 5PM on their beers. Their morning sets also include Eggs Benedict! I MUST come back!

One menu is specifically set aside for cakes. There isn’t much choice, but they have seasonal varieties. For Halloween, they were offering a Kyoho Grape Shortcake. In lieu of the strawberry version, which was sold out, I chose this instead.


And what a great choice indeed.

Japanese have perfected the art of the shortcake. Buttery, melt-in-your mouth Angel Food Cake lightness…the texture is just wonderful. The taste is so airy and fresh that you don’t feel guilty eating it afterwards.

The Kyoho grapes were among the biggest grapes I have ever seem.Lustrous and juicy, and fully edible. Two layers of cake with fresh whipped cream and a grape mousse sandwiched in between. In addition, huge pieces of grape interspersed in the mousse. It was divine.


Huge grapes!

With the closing of FORUS near Akita Station, this branch of Nagahama Coffee has since closed

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