Starbucks Series: Nectarine Peach Cream Tea Frappuccino, Nectarine Peach Cream Tea, & Yuzu Tea

Officially dubbed the “Nectarine Peach Cream Tea Frappuccino with Tea Bavarois,” this tea-based drink is one of the starter line-ups for Starbucks’ Teavana launch in Japan.

As, sadly, I cannot remember the specific details of the drink, I have to write my thoughts from remembrance.


-too sweet, only slightly peachy

The bavarois on the bottom of the drink was the sole savior. It gave a new, creamy texture to the drink that I really appreciated. I would have bought another one JUST for this addition. Or, rather, I want them to add the bavarois to any drink I’d like to order….


At least the drawing was cute!


-sweet, but less so


Yuzu Tea

I heard the yuzu tea is made from a juice base, making the flavor more concentrated and true to the fruit. I absolutely adore yuzu, so this was definitely a plus for me.


-wonderful. One of my favorites!

-just enough sweetness

-more juice than tea

_DSC3070 - yuzu citrus tea.JPG


-like melted sugar

-the bitterness of the peels really didn’t help tame the drink, but I enjoyed eating them at the end


Overall: Recommend the Iced Yuzu Tea (and it is still in stores!).


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