I now understand how pancakes are literally cakes in pans.

I came to Pameplemousse with a mission. A mission to eat one of their whipped-cream-and-fruit loaded pancakes. I didn’t expect the serving size to be so large, though.

As a dessert connoiseur, I took my time to pick which sweet to have. I was treating myself, and I needed to make it good. Attracted by the mascarpone cheese and wanting something fruity, I ended up choosing the aptly named Mascarpone Cheese and Mixed Berry Pancake. Along with it, I ordered the Mont Blanc Cafe out of pure curiosity (only later, after looking through the other menus, did I sadly notice that they also had a pumpkin latte I would have loved to try).

Though I ordered both at the same time, to my surprise, the pancake came out minutes before the drink. Sadly, the ice cream was quickly melting on top of the warm cake, and I could not get a perfect picture of the two items together.

Th pancake was a thing of beauty – perfectly round, with the thickest portions in the center. Two small mounds of mascarpone cheese were covered with berry sauce, and a few splatterings of blueberries and raspberries. A generous amount of whipped cream lay on the other half of the carb-loaded treat, while one scoop of melty vanilla ice cream lay beside it.

_DSC2687 - dessert pancakes.JPG

I struggled to eat this daintily. I wanted to savor each bite, but it was just too good. Basically a dense cake with fresh toppings, it was worth the premium price.

The Mont Blanc Cafe was equally tasty – in a typical Cafe Latte kind of way. The only thing Mont Blanc about it was the chestnut whipped cream on top and the few almond pieces scattered on top. Beautiful to look at, but not worth the extra 1-200 yen.


Pleasantly filling.



Coffee Cream Pancake

The coffee cream is warm! But dipping the pancake in the sauce was delightful. Just wish it had some other texture in it, since it was just like….cream. and a thick pancake.


Pumpkin Latte

Not good. That’s all I can really say. The pumpkin taste was just so thick, and I don’t particularly care for the taste of pumpkin. But it was limited time only for autumn…



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