Mos Burger stands for MEAT

As per a friend's request, I went to try the new Meat Meat Meat Burger (にくにくにくバーガー) at Japanese hamburger chain, Mos Burger. The burger restaurant serves meat and vegetables sourced from within the country and prides themselves on taking time and care making each and every burger they serve. They seem slightly healthier and smaller … Continue reading Mos Burger stands for MEAT

Shiawase no Pancake

Shiawase no Pancake - officially "A Happy Pancake" in English - is a top rated pancake chain started in Omotesando. Their claim to fame is their souffle style pancakes made with manuka honey imported from New Zealand, Hokkaido butter, and eggs. The newest branch in Sendai opened about a month ago, yet the line was … Continue reading Shiawase no Pancake

Sadaharu Aoki

The famed Sadaharu Aoki, who makes French pastries with a distinctly Japanese flavor profile. His signature piece is the Bamboo, an Opera Cake made with alternating layers of joconde biscuit (an almond sponge cake), matcha, matcha cream, and chocolate ganache. In addition to his entremets, he also sells macarons, éclairs, and choux puffs. I knew that … Continue reading Sadaharu Aoki