Starbucks Series: Baked Apple

Before I start on my rampage, I must say that this was the least enjoyable series for me.

Baked Apple came out just in time for the winter season. Modeled after warm apple ciders, Starbucks released both a frappuccino and latte version. As usual, I tried both.

Baked Apple Frappuccino:

The Baked Apple Frappuccino was perhaps a bit better than its latte counterpart. It was quite cinnamon-y, with apple pieces inside the mix. I could tell that it was based on the classic apple-cinnamon drink, albeit with a cream base. My initial reaction was that there was too much cinnamon. But that was soon remedied by mixing the concoction all together. The apple pieces provided a nice texture, and the overall drink was quite sweet. Not an entirely pleasant sweetness, though.

Baked Apple Latte:

Ah, the latte. So, so disappointing. Many of my friends who tried the drink actually enjoyed this, but I thought it tasted too much like overly-sweet apple juice. The apple pulp was like they just mixed in apple sauce into the cup. There was no trace of cinnamon and just…it was just warmed up apple juice. Nothing special.





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