Mos Burger stands for MEAT

As per a friend’s request, I went to try the new Meat Meat Meat Burger (にくにくにくバーガー) at Japanese hamburger chain, Mos Burger. The burger restaurant serves meat and vegetables sourced from within the country and prides themselves on taking time and care making each and every burger they serve. They seem slightly healthier and smaller than American chains also present in Japan, such as McDonald’s or Burger King. Often, they serve interesting concoctions, such as their rice burger, made of two rice buns with Japanese ingredients like lotus root as the patty, and a tomato burger, with tomatoes as the buns.

The Niku Niku Niku Burger is one such strange burger that is available only until June 27 at participating stores all over the country. Besides the meat burger, MOS Burger is currently offering various versions of their regular burgers with avocado as a topping.

I came for the specific purpose of eating the meat burger. Once I stepped through the doors of the nearest Mos Burger location, I ordered the Niku Niku Niku Burger, and received a strange look from the cashier. Probably also because I ordered a very vegetarian burger to go along with the meat monstrosity (I wanted one of their lettuce-bun burgers with a soy patty to go).

The burger didn’t take too long to prepare.


Picture via RocketNews24

As you can see from this diagram, each layer of meat is separated by a flimsy piece of lettuce. Which soaked up the meat juices. Serving as the ‘buns’ are two hamburger patties. The bottom filling of meat is teriyaki chicken, and the top is yakiniku.

When I saw it, it looked like any other burger. Only because of the lettuce sandwiched between each layer of succulent, sauce-dripping meat and because there was a burger sleeve wrapped around it. The lack of bun did not phase me.

I started with the yakiniku beef, which was already falling out of the stack. So.


The yakiniku meat, if eaten with all the other ingredients would have overpowered everything! The taste was just too salty and I wanted a drink right after the first bite.

After consuming the yakiniku, I moved on to trying to eat the whole thing.

This burger does not hold well. The lettuce pulls out when you try to bite into it, and the grease of the meat on the paper wrapper turned me off from eating it with my hands. I promptly asked for a fork so I could eat like a civilized person.

I tried each component of meat. The chicken had a very subtle flavor – basically, it was just grilled chicken. The hamburger patties had much more spice and taste (still toned down), but overpowered the chicken when eaten all together. The patties were also very, very soft and didn’t have as strong of a flavor as I would expect from burger meat.

Overall, I think I would’ve liked each meat separate. Eating all the meat together just confused my taste buds. They were simply screaming MEAT since it was…just a hodgepodge of meat. It really shouldn’t even be called a burger, since it was just. Meat.

After finishing it off, my tongue was coated in grease and the paper wrapper still smelled of meat juice.

The Natsumi Soy Patty Burger was fractionally prettier, with its lettuce wrapped goodness, but it was really just a salad with a soy meat patty mixed in. Even the Mos Burger sauce tastes like thousand island dressing.  But at least I felt healthier after eating that than after eating the meat burger.


You could probably just buy packs of meat and cook it yourself for cheaper than the price Mos Burger charges for their burger. And it wouldn’t be as confusing to eat, either. Get it for the novelty, but don’t expect too much. Or, well, I don’t even know what I was expecting in the first place. Ha. Ha.

_DSC8532 - nikunikuniku burger MOS Burger edit.jpg



_DSC8547 - Natsumi Soy BUrgeredit.jpg



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