Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé, known as the King of Macarons and french pastry in general, opened his very first boutique shop in Tokyo in 1998. Since the very first day, he has gained popularity and recognition all over the country, with 14 stores in Japan – 10 of them located in Tokyo alone.

On a day trip to Yokohama, I managed to find the Pierre Hermé store in the basement of SOGO, buying the first two macaron that seemed interesting. Rose, always the popular flavor, was included in that choice. I also picked the Earl Grey flavor, since I adore earl grey sweets.

I did not consume the treats until much later in the day, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Both macarons had the perfect amount of shell. They were thin, but crisp, with just the right give and chew. The Earl Grey was arguably the better cookie, with caramelly notes and milk chocolate and a perfect cream sandwiched in between. The Rose flavor had a good aroma and wasn’t perfumey, but the buttercream….I just  don’t really like buttercream. It gives too much of an oily texture. The ganache in the Earl Grey was thus, the true winner of the day.

_DSC5099 - pierre hermes earl grey and rose.JPG_DSC5111.JPG_DSC5114.JPG


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