Starbucks Series: Cake Topped Frappuccinos & Shaken Watermelon Passion Tea

One of the newest additions to the limited time only line of Starbucks drinks includes the Chocolate Cake Topped Frappuccino with Matcha Shot. Starbucks probably wanted to hop on the creative toppings bandwagon that seems to take over Instagram lately. The Matcha Shot version released June 14, the Coffee Shot version released on June 23, and the new Watermelon Passion Tea, perfect for summer, will be released on June 28. All of them will be ending in early July.

Chocolate Cake Topped Frappuccino with Matcha Shot: The cake is very…it’s not dry – it’s in fact moist, but not as thick as I thought it would be. Not as cake-y as I thought it would be either. It breaks down easily in the drink and adds a nice texture, but it’s really not…cake. The matcha flavor is there, but there isn’t enough of it! The base is simply rich vanilla, but because of the lack of a new, interesting flavor profile, I wasn’t super happy with it.

Chocolate Cake Topped Frappuccino with Coffee Shot: So I finally tried the cake without mixing it into the drink first. It’s pretty chocolate-y and actually quite dry – and extremely crumbly. And it SHOULD be crumbled down into the drink. I like the coffee shot frappuccino a lot more than the matcha one. It tasted EXACTLY like Cookie ‘n Cream ice cream! With maybe the sliiiightest coffee afterthought.

Shaken Watermelon Passion Tea: Extremely. Watery. Watermelon. But at least it tastes exactly like watermelon. It even has some pulp in it! And it looks so much like a cocktail that people were asking me what I was drinking. Considering I was about to go to work. My advice is to crush the topping lime slice into the drink to add a new dimension to the drink. It actually makes the drink a bit sweeter. *UPDATE: They seemed to have changed the formula for this drink, as the color is now a deep magenta, with a hint of spice. Must tastier than before, and I do recommend the newer formula, which has A LOT more flavor.

*NEW*Strawberry Cake Frappuccino: A real dessert drink. It just recently came out as a special release for about a week. It’s really good – the strawberry sauce really takes center stage. It’s like eating an actual strawberry-chocolate cake. Decadent dessert drink. I definitely recommend it, as strawberries and chocolate are always a match made in heaven. It leans very much on the sweet side, though.

_DSC8590 - shaken watermelon passion tea.JPG



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