Starbucks Series: White Chocolate

For the Christmas season, Starbucks brought out a new matcha drink. The green, I suppose, fits the theme. Especially when served in a red cup.

This 2016 season brought about the Matcha White Chocolate Latte in Iced and Hot versions. I had both.

Hot: Hot lattes continue to disappoint me. The Matcha White Chocolate Latte failed to separate itself from its all-year-round cousin, the Matcha Latte. It was certainly slightly sweeter, but that can be accomplished through adding in extra sugar or honey into a regular matcha latte – for less money, too. I was expecting it to taste more like White Hot Chocolate with a matcha edge. Probably should’ve customized it with chocolate chips to get more of a chocolate kick.

Iced: Iced latte are becoming my favorite way to have Starbucks drinks. They do so much better with preserving the taste of what the chain is trying to accomplish. The bitter matcha tones were much stronger. BUT. Still just tastes like a matcha latte. I kind of failed to see the point of adding the White Chocolate shot, as all it does is make the drink sweet.


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