Hidemi Sugino

My new favorite luxury cake shop. Hidemi Sugino, the first Japanese to win the esteemed La Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie (1991), has his only store in the upscale location of Kyobashi, Tokyo. His most famous piece is the Ambroisie, of which only 10 are made per day for lucky customers who are able … Continue reading Hidemi Sugino

[New Opening] Pasta de Takemoto

On my daily walk/bike/trudge to work, I always pass by a section of Sanno covered with izakaya, restaurants, convenience stores, and office workers on their commute to work (not unlike myself). But on one particular day, I noticed something different. A new store! A new sign! WHAT HAPPENED? Sadly, I cannot recall what used to … Continue reading [New Opening] Pasta de Takemoto

551 Horai

The famous Chinese food chain started in Osaka, known for their nikuman, or meat buns. They are super simple, made of pork and onions as the filling and  a standard outer, sweet bun. Popular to eat with ponzu, soy sauce, or mustard. It is a delight to eat freshly steamed. The filling is a bit … Continue reading 551 Horai