Cafe Soiree

Due to Instagram, I find a ton of amazing looking cafes all over Japan – and when I find one in places I plan on going, I get doubly excited!

Cafe Soiree is one place I found by chance. A beautiful picture of this glowing-fluorescent jelly drink showed up in my suggestions and I knew I had to go. You know – for the Instagram. I can’t hold myself back from wanting to take pictures of pretty plates.

The cafe is located conveniently in downtown Kyoto in Kawaramachi, right near the many souvenir shops of Gion-Shijo. To me, at least, it seemed a bit off the beaten path, since I never really ventured much outside of the main road before. The cafe is pretty well camouflaged, and you wouldn’t notice how fashionable it is from the outside.

Soiree is more of a bar than a cafe. All the lights are dimmed, but the decor is Victorian. There are, of course, plenty of alcohol choices, but I came for the thing! The Jelly Punch, a carbonated beverage with shimmering cubes of jelly floating in it in all sorts of colors. It was quite pricey at over 600 yen, but it was pretty. Very pretty.

Just. It didn’t taste so good. Honestly, everything just tasted watered down. The soda portion was lemon-lime, but extremely subtle. Even the jellies barely had any taste. I could not detect the fruit juices in them. There was just no flavor in the drink.

I did get my Insta, though.


Besides the Jelly Punch, they offer another floating-jelly drink with a milk base.

_DSC5610.JPG_DSC5607.JPG_DSC5605 - cafe soiree.JPG


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