Hidemi Sugino


My new favorite luxury cake shop.

Hidemi Sugino, the first Japanese to win the esteemed La Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie (1991), has his only store in the upscale location of Kyobashi, Tokyo. His most famous piece is the Ambroisie, of which only 10 are made per day for lucky customers who are able to get their hands on it.

I went twice during my five day trip to Tokyo – a really impressive feat, considering I always like trying new places and rarely stick to regular areas.

A little hard to find, due to it being on the side streets, it’s quite easy to pass by.

On my first visit to Hidemi Sugino, I ordered two of Sugino’s signatures. I was lucky that the Ambroisie wasn’t sold out, considering I came an hour or two after opening time.


Marie: otona no aji, sake, all mousse based, no deep impression, light on taste, mostly wine taste, very light cloud mousse

Ambroisie: hits your immediately with rich dark chocolate, beautiful glossy sheen, pistachio cream has a light taste, slightly salty with the distinct nutty taste, pistachio cake is more thick taste, ganache, symphony of flavors all complimenting each other

Lotus: slightly hana koucha, delicious without sugar

Neo, cappuccino

arabique: coffee jelly, bavarian cream, coffee soaked cake, sophisticated chocolate tiramisu mousse, same glaze as ambroisie

must order drink

cappuccino: paper thin chocolate, roasted candy almond, same sheen as others, salted crust, light coffee cream feather light, thick ganache, slightly salty base, less coffee, more chocolate taste


_DSC4862 - cappuccino and arabique.JPG_DSC4873.JPG_DSC4605.JPG_DSC4608.JPG_DSC4609.JPG


2 thoughts on “Hidemi Sugino

  1. Tofu says:

    I’m speechless! The cakes look fantastic and so cute!! I was just looking for interesting cake shops to try this November and December ….. may pop in here when I’m in the area!


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