Naan House Devi

All-you-can-eat naan. ’nuff said.

But really, many Indian restaurants in Akita seem to offer unlimited naan to those that order their sets at lunch time. And this particular restaurant is located near Akita University’s Tegata Campus, so it must draw in a lot of customers.

Considering I was able to order something named the Student Set….they probably do get a lot of students.

Naan House Devi offers cheap sets at lunch, with chicken curry, salad, and a regular naan a part of the Student Set. The naan may be changed out for sesame, cheese, or spiced naan for a surcharge of 200 yen. Since I was keen on getting gooey, melty cheese, I switched out the regular naan for cheese naan. Note that the regular naan is refillable, but not the specialty naans – though you can get unlimited regular naan even if you order a special naan replacement for your first batch.

The food was decent. But I’m starting to see that every Indian restaurant seems to serve the same things and almost the exact same taste. The naan was….well, the cheese is Japanese cheese, so slightly sweet and a wax sheen. Not bad, though – especially if you do want your fix of stretchy cheese – and it comes with a lot of it stuffed in. The curry was slightly spicy.

But it was just average, honestly. But unlimited naan!!! If you like naan, go.

_DSC7595 - naan house devi.JPG

_DSC7605 - gakusei set with cheese naan.JPG



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