Whilst perusing the list of popular cafes and restaurants in Akita, I wandered across FRANK, a soup curry house in Hodono. The building is a charming and tiny wooden house only open for lunch. They serve three kinds of soup curries and one rue-type curry that changes daily. Their specialty is curry rice – so don’t go expecting any the carb-y goodness that is naan.

I stopped by FRANK right after I went to Naan House (yes, I’m crazy for wanting to eat curry twice in a row AND for wanting two lunches). The place wasn’t quite full yet, but only two counter seats were open. Today’s rue curry was Minced Meat and Mushrooms. However, since rue curry is very common, I decided to order the Seasonal Vegetable Curry instead.

The food doesn’t come out fast, but that’s a testament to how fresh their curry is and how much they pay attention to what you order.

BUT, as much as I wanted to like their curry – I really REALLY wanted to like it – I just couldn’t. Japanese never seem to hold back on the sweetness levels of certain savory foods. The initial taste of the soup was just too sweet for me. The smell and aftertaste was wonderful, but the soup was too oily and off-putting. I can understand by the decor why the place is popular, but I don’t think the taste suits the Western palate much.

I took a bite of my food and promptly packed it up in a to-go box (extra cost). I am curious about how the rue version taste, but I found the price too expensive considering I didn’t like it, so I doubt I will be making a stop again any time soon.


_DSC7613- FRANK seasonal veggie soup curryedit.jpg




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