Conbini Adventures: Strawberry Sandwiches

My favorite dessert sandwich in Japan is the strawberry sandwich - perfect layers of whipped cream, sometimes custard, and sliced strawberries all wrapped up in a slightly sweet white bread. It's weird how good the white bread in Japan fits into a dessert mold. Since conbini offer their wares seasonally, strawberry sandwiches tend to appear … Continue reading Conbini Adventures: Strawberry Sandwiches

Setouchi Art Islands: Naoshima

Naoshima, site of the famous Benesse House Museum and the widely recognized Yellow Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama, is a part of the Setouchi Art Islands off the coast of Shikoku. After Teshima, the place I most wanted to go to was Naoshima. Known for the Yellow Pumpkin ala Yayoi Kusama, Naoshima is one of the … Continue reading Setouchi Art Islands: Naoshima