Conbini Adventures: Strawberry Sandwiches

My favorite dessert sandwich in Japan is the strawberry sandwich – perfect layers of whipped cream, sometimes custard, and sliced strawberries all wrapped up in a slightly sweet white bread. It’s weird how good the white bread in Japan fits into a dessert mold. Since conbini offer their wares seasonally, strawberry sandwiches tend to appear in the winter months. In other seasons, sometimes other fruit sandwiches show up. And in some depachika (department store basement food shops), there are specialty dessert sandwich shops, serving premium fruit in bread.

Lawson: Mou Ikko Ichigo

-sweet, more custard, thinner strawberries, much sweeter, almost like an ice cream sweet



Mou Ikko Milky Ichigo

-sweet! The cream is a creamier consistency, and there’s an extra, milky-colored condensed milk like sauce contained. More strawberries in the actual sandwich, too. The packaging is also much nicer, and the bread is cut into rectangles instead of triangles.


7&i Holdings (aka 7/11): W Cream Strawberry

-sweet, but holds back on the sweetness

Family Mart

Lacking in flavor compared to the rest of the sandwiches. Even the strawberries are underwhelming. They have the barest trace of sweetness, but they just blend into the sandwich. Even the whipped cream felt like it had no substance.



You gotta love fruit sandwiches, though.

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