Starbucks Series: Valentine’s Day

For the Valentine’s Day season, Starbucks Japan has released two new drinks: the Valentine Chocoholic Frappuccino and the Valentine Chocoholic Cocoa.

Valentine Chocoholic Frappuccino:

Tasted literally like vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips in it – but in drink form. And especially if you decide to mix your maple flavored whipped cream in the drink base. It is a very sweet drink, and definitely not as chocolate-y as I expected it to be. If you want a chocolate drink, you would be better off with the Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. The barista did recommend using almond milk instead of whole milk for a more pronounced flavor, but I don’t think I am too interested in trying it again (one serving is also about 521 kcals!)

Valentine Chocoholic Cocoa:

Nothing super special. Tastes like any other hot chocolate, with with extra chocolate syrup stuck to the bottom of the cup.

Starbucks Valentines sign board.jpg





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