Deux Feuilles


Ahhh, just look at this cute orange terraced cafe

The cafe nearest to my house – Deux Feuilles! A two-story French bakery and cake shop, they sell classic breads such as brioche, baguettes, and loaf bread. Deux Feuilles also offers classic French pastries, such as canelés, pain au chocolat, and pithiviers. In their cold cases are macarons, jams, and freshly made cakes.

Like many other cafes, they offer a souvenir section, where you can buy carefully wrapped cookies and tiny madeleines and such.

The store itself is quite small, and the second floor seating cafe is also made up of a few tables for non-smoking and smoking. During lunch, they offer two different sets – a full and a petit lunch set. The full comes with a choice of two different entrees, along with soup, salad, and a choice of coffee or tea. The petit lunch comes with a choice of a croissant or baguette-wich, a choice of coffee or tea, and a salad OR soup.

After 2PM and until 5:30PM, they also offer 100 yen off their cake set, which is attachable to the lunch options.

Cakes, surprisingly, are brought to you on a platter, and you get to choose one of the various desserts when served at the cafe.

*This cafe occasionally offers discounted products if they approach what they deem to be the expiration date*


Petit Lunch