According to Tabelog, Koeido (広栄堂) is the most popular dessert place in Akita City. Only open in the summer season, this extremely exclusive cafe is usually packed with customers, with the line reaching well into the parking lot at peak hours.


Picture courtesy of Goshinshin

Koeido is a kakigori (かき氷), or Japanese-style shaved ice, house. They serve various flavors of kakigori and soft serve ice cream, with their best having fresh fruit in the mix (how luxurious!). Their claim to fame is the aptly dubbed “Nama Guso” (生グソ) – if you have any knowledge of the Japanese language, then you would know that “guso” means “crap” in English. Quite an amusing name, eh?

What is Nama Guso? Well, the name comes from Nama Gurepefurutsu Sofuto (生グレープフルーツフト), or Raw Grapefruit with Soft Serve on top. The pile of shaved ice is stacked on top of a rich, fresh fruit sauce with chunks of grapefruit mixed in. The vanilla soft serve is delightfully creamy and perfect on a hot day. The taste overall is slightly tangy and not very sweet. It’s just the right amount of sweetness – even those people who don’t like dessert can enjoy it.


Just look at that beauty

In addition to grapefruit, Koeido serves raw and syrup versions of flavors such as strawberry, apricot, and grape. Non-fruit flavors such as matcha, coffee, and specific sweet beans are available.

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