Nagahama Coffee

One of the few Akita-only shops in Tohoku.

They use beans exclusively imported from Brazil and are part of the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan. Nagahama is a chain of cafes in Akita, with branches in Akita City and Daisen City. In addition to various blends of coffee, they also serve quiches, pasta, cakes, Mixology smoothies, and sandwiches. In their stores, bags of coffee beans are also for sale.

Each branch offers slightly different sets.

The closest branch to me is on Sanno, near City Hall. In the mornings, they serve three different morning sets – a sandwich set with salad and a drink, a sandwich with a Mixology drink, and the free toast and boiled egg add-on (which is actually comes from Nagoya). For lunch, they serve various set deals, as well.


Morning Sets

Kyoho Grape Shortcake


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