When I saw the red-and-glass building, I knew I had arrived.

Pamplemousse, recommended by an ALT friend, is a pancake house filled with rubber duckies – their mascot. The building is literally filled with the bright yellow monstrosities. Quirky, fun, and surprisingly, a relaxing place to be with coffee, an XL pancake, and a book._DSC2662.JPG

Menus are strewn on the tables. Be sure to look at all of them! I made the mistake of missing the college student discount and cheaper set menu prices. If you look at the leaflets all around, you can probably find deals, too._DSC2677.JPG

At their counter seats, there are various recipe books lying around. I found a particularly strange one that touted making vegetable desserts. With really weird veggies, like okra. They really didn’t seem like sweets at all._DSC2675.JPG

There is both indoor and outdoor seating. On a sunny day, the outdoor seating would be perfect, as you are seated in view of the river that runs right next to the cafe.

As with all Japanese establishments, seasonal offerings are abound – pumpkin, mont blanc lattes, cocoa, etc. Currently, a For Kumamoto pancake and Hiyoko Pancake are also offered temporarily. French toast and certain lunch sets are limited in number, with the larger plate lunch usually sold out before 12PM (only 10 available per day!)

Unlike American-style pancakes, Pamplemousse offer giant, risen…cakes,  basically. They really put the cake in pancake. Most of their choices are dessert pancakes with a variety of toppings, but three savory ones are also on the ,menu.

If you’re not in the mood for a pancake, Pamplemousse offers a few choices of salads, toasts, pizza, and standard cafe fare, minus cakes.


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