Yonezawa-gyu Dining Bekoya

Stopped by Yonezawa, just for the meat. Yes. Because Yonezawa beef is one of the three great wagyu's of Japan. I've had Kobe and Matsuzaka beef before, as steak and sukiyaki, respectively, so I wanted to round out my experience with the last of the three and discover which one I liked best. Hands down … Continue reading Yonezawa-gyu Dining Bekoya



Whilst perusing the list of popular cafes and restaurants in Akita, I wandered across FRANK, a soup curry house in Hodono. The building is a charming and tiny wooden house only open for lunch. They serve three kinds of soup curries and one rue-type curry that changes daily. Their specialty is curry rice - so … Continue reading FRANK


The outside of Conmigo is already a eye-catching dark brown-black, almost the shape of what you would expect a church to look like. Located in Hiroomote and near Tegata, the surrounding buildings are more classy than you would expect from the other side of Akita Station. Conmigo is an atelier and cafe, as they offer … Continue reading Conmigo

551 Horai

The famous Chinese food chain started in Osaka, known for their nikuman, or meat buns. They are super simple, made of pork and onions as the filling and  a standard outer, sweet bun. Popular to eat with ponzu, soy sauce, or mustard. It is a delight to eat freshly steamed. The filling is a bit … Continue reading 551 Horai