Starbucks Series: Strawberry Cream Frappuccino & Cold Brew Floats

Just in time for summer, Starbucks Japan is offering their ever-popular Strawberry Cream Frappuccino. This drink was highly praised by one of my good friends when she got to try it on her study abroad trip in Japan. It doesn't seem to be often that Starbucks brings back one of their frappuccino flavors, so I … Continue reading Starbucks Series: Strawberry Cream Frappuccino & Cold Brew Floats


Usagi no Nedoko Cafe

Have you ever seen rocketnew24's articles? Well, have you seen the one about a cafe in Kyoto that serves food inspired by minerals? I certainly did. And that was what inspired my visit. Sadly, it was not the best visit ever, but we'll get to that later. Usaginonedoko is a hostel, shop, and cafe, all … Continue reading Usagi no Nedoko Cafe

Aunty-Mee Burger

After a good last full day of interpreting and translating in the so-named course at JIAM, I knew I had to have a burger. Not only a burger, but the best burger in Shiga Prefecture. And so I knew I had to go to Aunty-Mee's. Aunty-Mee's is an intensely decorated, American-inspired small burger establishment, filled … Continue reading Aunty-Mee Burger

Cafe Epice

One of the cafes I've been meaning to visit since I came to Akita was Epice, a tiny little cafe located in an art space. The building is rather unassuming, and the opening hours are limited to four times a week - including weekends. Since I had found 08COFFEE, among other fashionable locations, I had … Continue reading Cafe Epice


Whilst perusing the list of popular cafes and restaurants in Akita, I wandered across FRANK, a soup curry house in Hodono. The building is a charming and tiny wooden house only open for lunch. They serve three kinds of soup curries and one rue-type curry that changes daily. Their specialty is curry rice - so … Continue reading FRANK