Setouchi Art Islands: Naoshima

Naoshima, site of the famous Benesse House Museum and the widely recognized Yellow Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama, is a part of the Setouchi Art Islands off the coast of Shikoku. After Teshima, the place I most wanted to go to was Naoshima. Known for the Yellow Pumpkin ala Yayoi Kusama, Naoshima is one of the … Continue reading Setouchi Art Islands: Naoshima

Setouchi Art Islands: Teshima

Teshima, known for Rei Naito's Matrix in the Teshima Art Museum, is part of the Setouchi Art Islands, along with Naoshima, Megijima, Inujima, and others. Known best for the Teshima Art Museum, there are many other art installations scattered on the island and plenty to see and do - or just bask in the beautiful … Continue reading Setouchi Art Islands: Teshima

Aunty-Mee Burger

After a good last full day of interpreting and translating in the so-named course at JIAM, I knew I had to have a burger. Not only a burger, but the best burger in Shiga Prefecture. And so I knew I had to go to Aunty-Mee's. Aunty-Mee's is an intensely decorated, American-inspired small burger establishment, filled … Continue reading Aunty-Mee Burger

Kakunodate Festival: The thrill of the battle

Finally, a travel article! Kakunodate Festival *This article is also featured here Recently inducted into the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List, along with The Tsuchizaki Shinmei Shrine Festival in Akita City and the Hanawa Festival in Kazuno City, the Kakunodate Festival is a float festival located in Semboku, Akita. Floats are crashed into each other in … Continue reading Kakunodate Festival: The thrill of the battle