Mondial Kaffee 328

A hipster cafe located near America Mura in Osaka, they serve freshly made pastries, including crispy muffins and cakes. They serve drip coffees and a mean mocha - in bowl or regular sizes (I recommend the bowl for that extra punch in caffeine and in looks). Their lattes are incredibly silky, and I always look … Continue reading Mondial Kaffee 328


551 Horai

The famous Chinese food chain started in Osaka, known for their nikuman, or meat buns. They are super simple, made of pork and onions as the filling and  a standard outer, sweet bun. Popular to eat with ponzu, soy sauce, or mustard. It is a delight to eat freshly steamed. The filling is a bit … Continue reading 551 Horai

Starbucks Series: Gingerbread Frappuccino and Lattes

The Starbucks Gingerbread products... Probably my favorite of all the limited edition drinks they've brought to Japan. Even though the US already had them way before. The taste hasn't changed from the US versions, but having all the spice in Japan is a blessing. Gingerbread Latte: Slightly spiced regular latte, still really good, but really … Continue reading Starbucks Series: Gingerbread Frappuccino and Lattes