Hey guys, sorry for the super late post, as my computer was down with problems for quite a long time! Hopefully, I’ll get back into the swing of things from now!


Andante, one of my favorite places in Akita City, and the one I often recommend to my friends, is a charming little cafe near Senshu Park. It’s located in a rather residential area, and isn’t eye popping. It’s also a much tinier building than you expect! A small kitchen and three tables for customers fit inside the place.

The plus side of being such a small cafe is that the owner will probably get to know your face!

So far, I’ve made the trek there four times. The food is always changing, and is always good. They focus on healthy, vegetable based dishes, and each plate is made to order.

Andante’s claim to fame is their Veggie Teishoku Set, which is served at lunch time. They also have a quiche set and a bagel sandwich set – which I also recommend, because the bread is homemade and has a delightfully sourdough taste!

The Veggie Teishoku changes often, according to the season, but brown rice and miso soup always come with it. My most recent trip had an Asian theme, with kimchi, egg and tomato stirfry, and other sides. They were all very good, and I didn’t feel at all guilty about finishing everything.

I’ve also had the Mame Mame Quiche on its own, which was quite delicious, but had a much different texture than the quiches I am used to – it was like a steamed egg tart.

I can’t say that the desserts at Andante are great, however. I have only had their seasonal apple tart, which looked like a tarte tatin, but had a pastey texture. It was definitely left out for too long and the juices from the apples soaked into the pastry bottom. It had a slightly honey taste to it, which was nice, however. And I was very pleased that the owner served warm water in the winter months.

Would recommend this cafe!




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